Computer Mantras

Your computer password can be your computer mantra. Something short like, `do it', `get going', or `act now' may help with motivation or you could use one word to remind you of a project that you need to stay focused on, such as `office' for reminding you to do something every day that will further you in your efforts to organize your office. If your first and primary goal is to improve your communication skills you may want to use `listen' as your sign-on mantra. If stress management is a high priority, the word `breathe' man be helpful to use. Do not use negative statements like `don't quit'. Use `keep going' instead. Negatives are not as effective, as you have to think about what it is you're instructed not to think about, before you can not think about it. It's like saying don't think about a pink elephant. What happens? Get the picture? Record a good supply of computer mantras below. Variety is good.

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