"When you help someone up a hill, you are that much nearer the top yourself."

Two of my very first clients, as a personal performance coach, told me they had something called ADD. In an effort to be the best coach I could be for these individuals, I began to read as much as I could about Attention Deficit Disorder and attend as many workshops as I found available, which weren’t many. Both these individuals challenged my skills as a coach time and time again, and it was from them, I learned the most. I have coached many ADDers since then, and find it still just as challenging and rewarding. They are my favorite clients. They are energetic, impulsive, creative, intuitive, fun, stubborn, fearful, zany, loud, quiet, restless, courageous, and more. They are their finger prints, and I love them all. When I first began coaching, I knew without a doubt, that my fullest potential would be in helping others discover theirs. I now know that it is my ADDers, who help me discover mine, and it is with this interactive coaching course that I acknowledge that.

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